What a girl really wants? Especially a college-going one is a never-ending closet.

She wants all the styles available in the world to be accommodated in her closet. she won’t even mind repeating a particular style if that dress is imprinted deep in her mind.

Some dresses and styles are evergreens. no matter what the situation, they never fade . while some depend upon the occasion as well as season, for a college-going girl, in the hustle of the morning, it is completed to find your perfect style for the day.

I believe that every girl has been a situation where they chose on the outfit for the day is a hurry and then spend the rest of the day is regret, looking down at herself that’s why in the world did she wear this? First thing first, every girl has to tell herself that she looks the most beautiful when she is comfortable in her clothes. nobody has a similar sense of fashion, do not downgrade yourself based on others opinions. Be confident in what you like and what you wear.

A black t-shirt and blue jeans:

A pair of a black t-shirt and blue denim is an evergreen combo that never fades away, no matter what the situation . just throw on a black t-shirt, whether half or full sleeve, even a bodysuit would work the same blue denim jeans, and you are all set to go.

White t-shirt with denim:

Have you ever seen anyone wearing a pure white t-shirt and when you look at them you are like ‘ wow, she is so cute, she looks so innocent, so enchanting, so beautiful? this is the mysterious effect a person wearing a white t-shirt has on the viewer.

Black pencil skirt:

A black pencil skirt is an essential component of your closet .you can use it as formal, casuals as well as party wear.

White buttoned-up shirt:

A white shirt is your perfect partner for formal attire. you can pair it up with black pants or a black skirt, even black jeans.

Partywear dress:

Every girl needs to have a few parties wear dresses in her closet. they make up for instant party notices and also for forgotten dates and partying plans. A black one is evergreen. you can wear it on almost every occasion.