Popular Cosmetic Brands all over the world

The beauty industry is known to remain powerful even through economic conflicts and the top 10 cosmetics firms have been leading the world market in cosmetics for decades. Research studies in the cosmetics industry show that even during the Great Recession of 2008 the cosmetic demand was strong. While consumers appear to be more mindful of prices during the downturn, their expenditure on beauty products does not stop. Consequently, there is tremendous potential for growth in beauty industry in the current climate of growing per capital income. The range of ingredients and populations open to cosmetic enterprises around the world is flourishing. To build an in-depth portfolio of cosmetics industry research studies, we have been closely tracking the latest cosmetics market developments. These reports assist our customers in identifying business opportunities and implementing successful strategies to strengthen their position on the market.

1. MAC  
MAC is a beauty brand that respects individuality and personality. As such, maquillage lovers of any age, race or gender are expertly encouraged. So regardless of who you are, at MAC you will find beautiful maquillages that match your skin tone.

2. Bobbi Brown
Bobbi Brown has created some of the best beauty items around by a talented make-up artist. The label that focuses on natural beauty claims “a woman who looks and feels like herself is most beautiful.”

3. L’Oreal 
L’Oreal is a pioneer in the cosmetics industry worldwide, French powerhouse. The brand provides a wide variety of cosmetics, skin care and hair care items, but also high quality at an affordable price.

4. Chanel
In order to wear luxury, you don’t need to buy fashion clothes. You can make your life more glamorous without blowing on your budget thanks to Chanel’s collection of cosmetics. Though costs may still be higher than those of other beauty brands, high-quality Chanel goods still value extra dollars.

5. NYX  
NYX is one of the world’s fastest rising marks of attractiveness, and you can see why. The label is now available in more than 70 countries and is renowned for its outstanding quality, rich pigments and affordable prices.

6. NARS 
NARS Cosmetics debuted in 1994 with just 12 lipsticks, made by François Nars. The label has since expanded considerably and now provides a diverse and wide variety of beauty products for women of all skin types.

7. Maybelline
Maybelline may be a small, family-owned enterprise, but today is America’s number one cosmetics firm. Inspired by trustworthy and influential ladies, the label encourages every woman to flaunt their individuality and make a statement with ongoing composition.

8. Estee Lauder
Estee Lauder assists women in enhancing their natural attractiveness since 1946. The American cosmetics company now provides an advanced range of high quality making, skin care and fragrance products. It is one of the most successful beauty brends in the world.

9. Revlon
Innovative and high-quality cosmetics that make women of all skin types smile never fail from Revlon. The new Live Boldly campaign of the brand encourages women to share their enthusiasm, confidence, power and style.

10. Lancome
The Lancome mark is yet more revolutionary than it was in 1935, despite being more than 80 years old. The skin, make-up and fragrance items of the brand merge experience and elegance to create the ideal combination of modern thought and timeless elegance.