How Fibric matter for any brand of cloth

There are three basic needs of human i.e food, cloth and shelter. These three are eqully necessary for the survival of any human. We can not decide which is more important out of these three. But as we all know we are living in 21st century and this is the era of expose. People only belive what they see. In todays world looks of person is more important than the character of that person. No one is curious to know about the thinking of a person but the thing which matters more is looks, how he/she dressup them self. So in these circumstances the importance and the necessity of cloth is higher than rest of two.

Craziness for Brand:

In todays world every one is just mad for brand. Specially youths,they are start dreaming about branded products too. Everyone wants branded product. Our young India are now not satisfy with just clothes they need clothe of Armani, Gap, Boss. Girls are not happy with simple their happiness is hidden in Gucci, Wills and many other brands. The exictment is not in simple shoes. It is playing football with Nike. But the point is- Does the brand take care our feelings? Does they are also excited to gave us good fibric clothes?

Is the name of Brand is enough?

When we talk about clothes, there are several brands which comes in our mind i.e Gucci, Armani, Reymond but the question is does the Brand name is enough, Fabric is not so important? Both are important or from my point of view fabric is more important. But the bitter truth is that 60% people does not know about the fabric. They have no idea about types of fabric,the merit and demerit of the fabric. Most of the people are not capable of recognizing the fabric, that is  why they blindly trust on brands.

How to Recognise the quality of fabric?

There are various way and parameter by which we can judge the quality of fabric. The texture of the fibric, durability, colour fading, shirnking problems, these are the ways by which  we can check the  quality fibrics.

Types of fabric:

There are various types of fibric which are used by brands.some of them are:-

  1. Cotton- It is use in our cloth since long time. When we look at the statistics cotton is used as 21% as fibric in clothes globally. It is soft in texture, very comfortable specially in summer.
  2. Synthetic matrial- Its abstracted from fossil fuel crude oil. It include polyster, nylon, acrylic, polypropylene and elastane. About 65% of clothes made in fashion world is made up of synthetic material. It is not very costly that is also the reason of its vast use.
  3. Wool- It is used in the clothes of winter wear. Earlier it is vastly used but the use of wool is only 1%,share of wool in fashion world is decrease day-by-day because of the use of synthetic and leather fibric.
  4. Slik- It is the costly fibre used in fashion world.It is used in ethinic and special dresses. It is very valuable and costly fibre.its price is around $15 per killo.
  5. Leather- It is the oldest fibre used in the fashion industry specially for the footwear, jackets and other accessories. It is obtain from the animal. Like sheep, cow, snakes etc.

Some brand of clothes:

Reymond- It is well-known brand of clothes. It is about 95 year old company.